We have all experienced anxiety from time to time, and, if we stopped to think, we could probably remember times when being around anxiety caused us to feel a little unsettled – think standing in the corridors with classmates before a big exam. Being able to transmit and receive signals of anxiety is evolutionarily adaptive. If you were able to sense danger and let your family and friends know, you would be more likely to survive in order to perpetuate your genetic lineage. Modern day organisations and working groups remain susceptible to this herd mentality, reacting to hardwired threats to survival as if it were facing real life or death moments.

We have chosen to write this blog to serve as an antidote to fight or flight behaviour dynamics that can come at the expense of thinking and understanding in anxious organisations. To find out how anxious your organisation is take our free online test, which can be found on our Homepage

Systemic Disengagement in the face of Regulation – Firewalling Failure and its impact on Banking Sector Profits


Lessons from behind the therapy doors With the fifth year of reduced bonuses and redundancies, banking sector employees continue to be asked to do more for less, whilst being placed under more regulatory scrutiny and
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