We know the City

We understand the pressures

  • Struggling to sleep or waking up early
  • A racing unfocused mind
  • You worry people will think you can’t cope so you suffer in silence
  • Mistaking working long hours for productivity
  • Absenteeism
  • Over preparing for meetings, inadvertently creating the mistakes you dread
  • You’re not a pleasure to be around at home


We offer a specialist service to City of London professionals, which means we understand the need for confidentiality and the importance of continually finding ways to help you outperform your competition.

As a specialist stress and anxiety service, we eat, sleep and breathe the subject, maintaining our edge through learning cycles that start by identifying world leading research and end with happier clients.

We are often the last to know whether we are Stressed or Anxious – Check out our free online tests for Individuals and Organisations


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